Make'da Fatou Na'eem/MA

CEO/Founder of The Harambee Leadership Academy, Inc.

Graduate of The Ohio State University, Dept of Psychology

Retired Licensed Social Worker

Community Activist

Violence Prevention Specialist

Certified Trainer, Africentric Rites of Passage

Former President Perry Center, Inc.

Ambassador to Tanzania-Voice of Youth of Tanzania

1st Asst. President-Division 328/UNIA-ACL

25+ years Community Development and Family Counseling

Over $250,000 of grants written and awarded in last year of active service

Banking & Finance Degrees-Columbus State University


Six Faces of Culture: Understanding the Cultures of Afrika

The Story of the Americo Liberian: An Amerikan Perspective

Community Organizing:  Taking back our Hoods

Building Bridges: Connecting our cultures through language

Paul Williams


Reentry program for ex offenders and veterans

Former Veteran

Coordinator for Offender Programs: Cols. Urban League, Action for Children, Ohio Means Jobs


Overcoming the Hurdles of Reentry

Healthy, Focused, and Restored Offenders

Vincent Uhega​T

Founder and President- Voice of Youth Tanzania

​Honorable Ijoma R. Flemister

Mr. Flemister was the first President on Board of Directors for the Harambee Leadership Academy, Inc. He currently is our Ambassador to Liberia and Consultant for 1st Trade & Development Corporation.  Ijoma has spent his entire life in Public Service, and is an expert in the history and current conditions of Liberia.  We have highlighted his professional background on our International page.

Special Topics:

The history of the Republic of Liberia

The Presidents of Liberia and their Legacies

My Life in Liberia and the United States

Growing up a dignitary at a time of War

The history of UNIA in Liberia

​Putugah Takpaw Phenom

Mwariama Kamau

International Organizer, UNIA/ACL

​Member of UNIA/ACL and Garveyite for over 20+ years

Historian for Division 328, 414, and 255

Ambassador to Tanzania


The Life and Times of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Timeline of the UNIA/ACL

The New Millennium:  The Organization of Garvey-UNIA/ACL