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​To connect local businesses with international companies, which in turn will further options for development

​To Provide connection opportunities for international business to do business in Liberia and other parts of Afrika

To develop the capacity of local players to facilitate Garvey Trade & Development and coordinate trade missions

We are proposing to initiate a Trade Mission to Liberia and Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Our goal is to explore international business opportunities in West Afrika, and other parts of Afrika.  Business professionals will be introduced both to important business contacts and well-placed government officials. This trade mission will be a way for countries and organizations to seek out potential buyers and sellers.  In short, this trade mission will be a trip that is designed to transport our team of business professionals to Liberia in 2017; specifically to establish international business relationships.

Sammitta Emoprecious Entsua


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Ahmad Shuaib Baide

Sierra Leone

USA Representative

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Habib Seray Kamara


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Alimany M. Bangura is studied Human Resource Development at the Institute of Commerical Management in London England. For the past eight years he has been working at a major mining company in Freetown.

​Garvey Trade & Development Corporation NGO 

​John Foday Jusa has a degree in accounting from the University of Sierra Leone. He is currently researching papers pertaining to the Fundamental Level skills module of ACCA.  Baba Foday has over 15 plus years of experience in the fields of accounting and management.  He is our newly appointed Chief Fiscal Officer for Garvey Trade & Development, LLC  

In addition he is a lecturer and consultant for business in Freetown, Sierra Leone