Mission & Vision

Our Academy is based on the principles and practices of The Honorable Marcus Garvey.  Our primary focus is social entreprenuership, leadership development, and economic stability for Afrikans all over the world.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life to never have to experience the difficulties I see in the world every day.​  I cannot imagine what it is like to go hungry-and I think it is a shame that in a country as great as America, on one should struggle to survive.

​Peter Kilawe/De La P

Educate a woman, you educate a nation.....

Phil locke

​Ijoma R. Flemister

Make'da Fatou Na'eem

Business Quarters

Our partnership with Business Quarters, Inc. has enhanced our programs which service small business development in our grassroots communities.  

​Kweku Sankofa

South Afrika

Our staff

Global outreach

Connecting our youth and their families with others throughout the diaspora is one of our initiatives.  We are currently connecting with Liberia and Tanzania in particular.  We are always open to trade and business with others throughout Afrika